Private Readings

I am available in person as well as via telephone for hour long or half-hour long readings. For these readings, I prepare your horoscope and that of other people central in your life in advance of the appointment.

In the reading itself, I tell you what the charts are all about, how the planets will affect you for at least one year ahead and I read your cards. With the cards I discuss health, work, school, home life and relationships. I also leave adequate time for you to ask questions. I provide you with a tape recording of the session as I cover a lot of information. Fee for 1/2 hour is $75.

I also offer short readings by phone, no appointment necessary, no advance preparation.  Just call my office, Wednesday evenings between 7:00 and 9:00 P.M. 401-333-7970.  Please have your credit card ready. If you get the answering machine, that means I am talking with someone else. Leave your number and I’ll call you back shortly. Fee: $30.00 for 15 minutes .

To learn more about private readings or to book an appointment, please call my office 401-333-7970 or email me at