Myrna is the author of “The Astrology of Great Sex” and “The Astrology of Great Gay Sex” which are available at Borders, Barnes and Nobles and

Whether your sex life is magical…or mundane…one thing’s for sure: Great sex is about more than physical attraction. Mind-blowing, skyrockets-in-flight sex takes more. Trust, openness, and a true connection between you and your partner are obvious factors. But just getting THAT far isn’t easy…unless you understand The Astrology of Great Sex. Yes, astrology, the ancient science of the zodiac, can help you find the deep connection that makes sex great. And it IS a science. Your-and-your-partner’s birthday and Sun Sign have a lot do to with sexual compatibility, and I can show you how.

The Astrology of Great Gay Sex” is available now on and at fine bookstores including Borders and Barnes and Noble. Hundreds of men share their sexual desires, sex fantasies and memories of wonderful sexual experiences in this way-beyond-what-you-expect astrology book.

(By the way, “The Astrology of Great Sex,” heterosexuals, has been translated into Polish, Russian and Portugese.)

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