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What is the Void of Course Moon?
The moon moves through all 12 zodiac signs every 28 days. It stays in each sign about 2 and 1/2 days. As the moon moves through each sign, it sets off aspects to the planets. When it moves past all such angles in any given sign, the moon is said to be Void of Course. 

How is the important?
When the moon is Void and you undertake a new venture it tends to go badly. Even if all works out eventually, there will have been loads of snags. Taking a bit of extra time to examine your plans, waiting past the Void Moon period to initiate contacts, could help you avoid these complications. 

For people in those businesses that require frequent interviews, from sales to mortgage origination, realtors, financial planners and contractors, the Void of Course moon chart may prove especially helpful. Try to schedule when the moon is not Void of Course.  On a minor note, things that you purchase during the Void moon tend to prove unsatisfying and you may wind up returning them. 

One thing that the Void Moon helps is introspection. The tangible world takes a bit of a backseat and you may find it easier to look inward. And so these periods favor therapy and all manners of counseling. 

Most Void periods are brief but some last throughout one day and into the next.

Void Of Course Moon Table  
Void Begins at: Void Ends at: Moon Enters:
Wed May 1 …   10:05 am 10:25 AM  Aquarius
Fri May 3 …..    12:25 am  2:30 pm  Pisces
Sun May 5….    12:00 pm  9:05 pm  Aries
Tue May 7…..     8:40 am      until Wed May 8, 6:10 am  Taurus
Thu May 9 …..    8:25 pm      until  Fri May 10, 5:25 pm  Gemini
Sun May 12…    .9:30 am      until  Mon May 13, 6:00 am  Cancer
Wed May 15       8:10 am  6:40 pm  Leo
Sat May 18        12:35 am  5:35 am  Virgo
Mon May 20      12:45 pm  1:10 pm  Libra
Wed May 22       3:35 am 5:00 PM Scorpio
Fri May 24          9:55 am  5:50 pm Sagittarius
Sun May 26         6:20 am 5:30 PM Capricorn
Tue May 28         2:40 pm  5:50 pm  Aquarius
Thu May 30         7:55 pm  8:35 pm  Pisces
  1. Beth says:

    Thank you Myrna!

  2. Rachel M Nicholas says:

    Hello Myrna! This is very interesting! We have many important dates in October as we are selling our house and the walk through is October 18 and the closing is the 19th. It would be most helpful I could have the October void of course moon . Friday September 28th we are suppose to have the final commitment, it looks like we are good since the void of moon doesn’t happen until the late evening. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! Rachel

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